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Janice Hoffman
CRS, GRI, CBR, M.Ed., Realtor(R)
10 Langley Road
Suite 10
Newton Centre, MA
Phone: 617.750.4040
Fax: 617.923.0111
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Boston, Mass
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Serving Greater Boston, Metro West, Northeastern, Central, and Southern Massachusetts
"Smart, efficient, reliable.  You will be in good hands!"
Janice Hoffman, CRS, GRI, CBR, M.Ed, Realtor(r)
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First I played my hand as a recruiter (headhunter) in finance, with a job at a search firm at Faneuil Hall.
Then I used the skills I had learned in Interpreter Training --from back in graduate school days-- to become a Sign Language Interpreter in engineering, computers, the sciences, math, and business.  I was hired by a Deaf Fianancial Planner, as his one-on-one staff interpreter, and stayed with him for seven years.  There I learned a great deal about investments, insurance, estate and college planning, and finally real estate.  All while I worked for him I continued to interpret at night, in graduate programs in business, engineering and linguistics. Other fields I interpreted in included medicine, mental health and law.
Additionally while I worked for him, I began investing in real estate, to further diversify my portfolio. I started in 1987, at age 26. I bought condo's and multi-families. In '89 we became partners in RE investing; to this day he takes care of the finances and bookkeeping while I manage the properties, tenants, repairs, upgrades, etc. We found over the next several years that I have a propensity for making wise RE investment decisions, and all of my/our properties have done quite well. He has me buy and sell properties for him now, sight unseen, as he has since relocated to MD.
These days I do quite a bit of investing and managing of properties for investors, who reside both in and out of MA. It is a carefree way for new investors to get into the market, strengthen their own porfolio's, without the hassle of dealing with tenants, contractors, etc. They even can avoid hitting the pavement to look for units, as I do this for them as well! They love it. My investors are quite pleased.
In helping my RE clients buy and sell their homes  my primary focus is Greater Boston and its suburbs, within 128. I also enjoy helping clients to buy and sell homes out to 495, and beyond.
Since I am the only nationally certified interpreter of ASL/English who is ALSO a licensed full-time Realtor (in Eastern MA), I drive a ways to work with Deaf buyers and sellers, whose first language is ASL, especially since clear and constant communication is so key to success in the already stressful process of RE transactions. I am willing to work "one hour from Boston in any direction" for you, as well.
In between 23 years of interpreting, and focusing full-time on real estate, I also founded and ran Before and After Home and Office Organizing Service, for several years. I developed a couple hundred clients who really took comfort in knowing someone could help them get organized!:to get through clutter, get through mail, bills, closets, whatever area of their home --or their life-- they felt stuck in!! Still today a few clients haven't let me go. They find me to be their "lifeline" to staying on top of paper/mail/misc projects they can't/don't want to handle themselves, for whatever reason. Often some form of adult ADD is the reason. I am happy to take an hour or so out of any week, to help them.
In closing, the communication skills that I honed as an interpreter, the patience and understanding in addition to attention to detail that I employed as an organizer, combined with the 20 years of RE experience add up to me being the Realtor you can trust to:
Get the job done, efficiently
Work with your your best interest at heart
Work within your time frame
Be supportive, friendly, and maintain a sense of humor (this last trait is key, you will find!)
Thank you for taking the time to learn "about me". Feel free to contact me at any time.
I very much look forward to working with you and helping you through this next big step, which probably means some exciting (stressful?) changes are happening in your life. :-) You will be in good hands.
Yours, Janice Hoffman

Born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island, about half an hour from NYC, I caught an early love of beautiful homes, as well as a drive to be industrious.  After coming To BU, and getting  my BS in Education and my M.Ed. in Deaf Education, I rather quickly worked my way into the world of business! 


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